"An Art Affair" is a hometown artist produced fine art and craft show put on each summer by local fine artists Tim and Lindy Secord.  Located in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona - which is in Northeastern Arizona -  Pinetop-Lakeside is a cool destination in the warm summer months for many seasonal homeowners and summer visitors.  At 7300 feet, the temperatures are moderate and the current two show locations are well known and pristine.


In Bloom Nursery is a 3 plus acre property locted in downtown Pinetop just 2 blocks east of Charlie Clark's Steakhouse. This well known nursery and landscape location is a really nice art show setting and is highly visible to White Mountain Boulevard / Hwy 260 traffic.  Summer shows are busy and there is more than ample parking out back.  Overnights during show weekends are allowed at no extra charge.  Artist set up is close to each booth space and there is always night security.  This location is a Gem!


The Gathering Place is located directly across from the Pinetop/Lakes Country Club in the heart of a golf, fishing, hiking community specifically geared toward summer fun and crazy enthusiasm for summer events.  This location has a long history of fine art shows and has served as a gallery location for over forty years.  

Many fine local and Arizona artists have frequented "An Art Affair" fine art shows for the past several summers.  "An Art Affair's" reputation for consistently bringing the best quality fine arts and fine crafts to these summertime events has birthed an "Art Renaissance" to this mountain community.  Summers are Buzzing with Enthusiasm about the shows from both sides of the table!

Fun weekends that are entertaining and profitable as well as easy on the artists, have earned "An Art Affair" the honor of being the very BEST summer art shows to attend in the White Mountains!

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Please come to our art shows with the understanding that we all do our part to follow the current health guidelines that have been set by the state, the town of Pinetop/Lakeside and the property owners of In Bloom Nursery and The Gathering Place (aka Frank Smith Realty Associates.  Health,  everyone's happiness and success are what our summer shows have and will be all about.  Whatever your personal thoughts are concerning Covid 19- please show everyone at the shows that you care and that you desire the town of Pinetop/Lakeside to continue to issue us the special event permit for each of the shows.  Our art shows of 2020 were the highlight of the summer months for many of us.  This 12th annual summer season of events at The Gathering Place and In Bloom Nursery will be uplifting for us all.  Show your artwork safely and come make new friends!  Any questions?  Always ask us.

Thanks guys!

Tim & Lindy Secord